Monday, July 26, 2010

What women want.

A friend of ours has told us of a wonderful trip she has recently taken. She and some friends took the car of a ferry to France to have a day's shopping.

Excuse me?

Was there an alternative?

Scourging? Waterboarding, perhaps? Anything but shopping!


Anonymous said...

Why deny them their fun? No, it's not logical. But women transcend logic in many ways.

They are necessary and in most cases can be delightful people, occasionally exasperating mortal man.

My puzzle is about shoes. Why shoes? Why does my wife spend hours to find the perfect shoe, not for comfort, which is sensible, but for looks. They are always black, and they look just like the other 70 pairs she has. Only a woman can tell women's shoes apart.

I hate to inform women, but men focus elsewhere when they look at a woman. It ain't the shoes, believe me.

Anonymous said...

By the way, how about a comment on this article in the Telegraph?

Terry Hamblin said...

This is NHS managers trying to protect their jobs. Front-line services are supposed to be protected. There is slack to be taken up in the NHS and it is managers who must go.