Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Political Correctness

In the UK we are recovering from 13 years of a government dedicated to political correctness. Here are some of the lies that they told us in its name.

Cases of heterosexually transmitted AIDS exceeded cases caught homosexually. This was not because of the sloppy application of 'safe sex' by the young despite the expensive advertising campaign to tell us so, but because English girls were having sex with African immigrants.

Average pay for women is less than for men, not necessarily because of discrimination against women, but because women have long career breaks to have children, often take part-time posts, are likely to retire at 60 rather than 65, will often have less experience than men because of career breaks and may choose more socially rewarding or emotionally fulfilling jobs than men.

The rise in anti-Semitic attacks in Europe was not due to neo-Nazi skinheads but to bands of Muslim youths

Africa is not getting poorer because the West is stingy with its aid; It is mainly down to bad governance, corrupt leaders and socialism.

Contrary to the claims of socialism, big business has been responsible for the spread of prosperity throughout the western world, despite its occasional lamentable mistakes.

They tell us that Israel is a bully and the Palestinians are victims. For all its faults, Israel is a democracy where wrongdoers are held to account; in contrast Arafat ran a corrupt and self-aggrandizing regime and Hamas are murderous thugs intent of destroying all who do not obey.

You would never think so from the coverage in those far-left organs, the BBC, The Guardian and the Independent, but the murder of 55 people on the tube and a London bus was a greater crime than the mistaken gunning down of an innocent Brazilian (illegal) immigrant.

Labour encouraged immigration from the third world, but most people think Britain is full.

Labour ministers prated on about the values that other cultures brought to Britain, but most people hate and abhor multiculturalism.

They claim that most of the ills of the world are caused by America, in fact America is a force for good in the world.

Contrary to the propaganda, Soviet Russia killed more people than Nazi Germany.

Under political correctness victimhood was something sought after. It is a mistake to seek such a state. Benefits destroy you.

It is not true that 1 in 4 of the population is physically handicapped (unless you include all those who wear glasses). Nor is it true that 1 in 8 women has been beaten by her spouse/partner. And there are only half as many Muslims in the country as are claimed by the Muslim Council of Great Britain.


Brian Koffman said...

Great post

Terry Hamblin said...

Oh and film stars, pop singers and sports peronalities know less about politics than you do.

Anonymous said...

The murder of 55 people on the tube and a London bus was a greater crime than the mistaken gunning down of an innocent Brazilian (illegal) immigrant.

And you're saying that that this is one of "of the lies that they told us in its name."???

Terry Hamblin said...

I was in quite a lot of pain when I wrote that article. In fact about half way through I started asserting the truths rather than denying the lies. This begins with Big business...
But for the sake of consistency I will not correct the blog and restore it to the original format.