Friday, July 09, 2010

Comings and goings

I had a bad night. On Wednesday after my fifth attack of watery diarrhea I took a couple of Imodium. This was a mistake. Everything shut down again. Yesterday night was spent in a series of colicky wakefulness punctuated by drowsy dreaming. I should have taken some more paracetamol (acetaminophen) but I was too dopey to think of it. Anyway, things have begun progressing again, but I have made my diet a bit more liquid. It is all two steps forward and one step back.

I see in the newspaper that the 'mastermind' who planned the capture of the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics has finally gone to Hell. He escaped assassination attempts but there is no escaping the final judgment.

There will be an Englishman in the World Cup final. Howard Webb and his team will referee the final. I finally saw a clip of England's disallowed goal against Germany. The case for technology to help referees seems to have been made. Incidentally, so poorly did the the lauded stars of England do that it makes you appreciate David Beckham. They said he was a one-trick-pony. That is at least better than being a no-trick carthorse.

While I have been away two of my favorite blogs seem to have shut down. Cranmer has not posted since June 15th. Not the real Archbishop Cranmer, of course, but someone claiming to be him writing a blog from the conservative wing of the Church of England.

Sadder is the impending demise of Fresh Bilge . Alan Sullivan has been suffering from CLL for several years. He is unmutated with del 11q. I have been able to help him from time to time, but while I was away he was hospitalized with a burst appendix (or something nearby) and developed peritonitis. Surgery was futile and he is on supportive care alone, unlikely to be able to communicate again. His many friends are figuratively gathered around his bedside via the net. I consider myself to have been a friend too. I communicated my testimony to him some time ago and this was one of the links in his conversion.

I shall write some more about him when the time comes.


Anonymous said...

I tried to watch the soccer world cup matches. I really did. But all that's there is a bunch of guys running around, punctuated by other falling down claiming they were fouled by the other team.

I'm sorry, but it seems like a game played by handless men who behave like ninnies.

Sorry, no sale for me.

Brian Koffman said...


What can I say? I am praying for you. Being a sick doctor is always tough. It is hard to know when to ask for help.

So sad about your patient. My heart goes out to him and him loved one.

I understood that it is rare for nodes, even the big nodes in 11q patients to perforate viscus or even cause obstruction, but I know of another CLLer with hydronephrosis from her nodes.

Let me bold enough to share my good news as you helped with my decision. The combination of Rituximab and CSP has jumped my platelets from 32,000 to over 300,000 at their peak.

I have stopped the R after 6 cycles, but will continue on the CSP for a total of 3 months, before trying to taper.

Thank you again. I wish you a good night's sleep and and uneventful recovery.

G-d bless


Anonymous said...

I am so happy you are back home. I pray you will continue to get better soon, with no pain or discomfort.


Anonymous said...

Just to say we are thinking about you every day and praying for recovery.
John and Muriel