Saturday, January 30, 2010

New tombs swept clean

So! People are beginning to notice that I have been silent for a week. Several reasons. I was away for a couple of days babysitting my grandchildren. My co-editor of Leukemia Research was unavailable for a while and I had more editing to do. I have been doing some reading. I felt a little unwell. I watched the Chilcot enquiry on the computer all day yesterday. I have been thinking. I have been answering e-mail questions. I have ... well there are lots of reasons. But first a story I heard:

Joe was expecting to get it in the neck from his wife. He's done something without telling her. Sure enough as soon as he stepped over the threshold his wife went for him.

"What's this I've been hearing down at the market place? Don't I get consulted on anything? I thought we'd been saving it for our old age. Money doesn't grow on trees. We spent goodness knows how much getting that new tomb cut. And now, I hear you've given it to a stranger to be buried in!"

"Don't worry. Don't worry," he replied, "he's only borrowing it for the weekend."

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