Monday, January 11, 2010


The Maldives have been much in the news recently because of a perceived risk of rising sea levels drowing the islands as a result of 'climate change'. Western holidaymakers fear that their 'island paradise' may be swamped.

Far from being a paradise, the Maldives are Hell on earth. Did you know that no Christian may be a citizen there? By law all citizens must be Muslims. Legislation is now going through their parliament to ban the building of Christian churches there. There are a small number of Maldivian Christians. A severe crackdown in 1998 resulted in some being imprisoned and tortured. They continue to be carefully watched, as well as discriminated against and ostracized.

We heard of the outrage when the Swiss people voted to ban Minarets from Switzerland, but nothing has been heard in the world's media about this disgraceful persecution. I suggest that Christians no longer holiday there, do not contribute to charities that send aid money there and burn all the carbon they can to drown the place (although I don't think this will work).

Added after cooling down (13th Jan):

I apologise for my intemperate language. Hell? Well one definition is the complete absence of God. In seeking to have a pure Moslem state they seek to exclude God. Don't believe what you read about our all worshipping the same God. There is only one God and unless you accept him as the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who rose from the dead to save mankind, then you worship a different God; and since there is only one God, Moslems who do not accept Jesus as God worship a God who is not a God.

Burning carbon to drown the place? It's not going to happen. Surely by now enough doubt has been thrown on the whole anthropogenic global warming myth for most people without a vested interest to reject it.

By the way you might be interested in this press report from China Daily:

Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed and the visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on Tuesday pledged to work closely on climate change and other global issues. Nasheed said his country appreciated the important and active role played by China in the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference held last month.

He said the Maldives is looking forward to strengthening its cooperation with China in dealing with global issues including climate change.

Nasheed said his country respects China's sovereignty and core interests, adding that the Maldives will not do anything that might hurt China's core interests and the two countries' relationship.

Yang said China will continue to work closely with the Maldives on climate change and other issues, promoting the interests of developing countries including those of Small Island Developing States.

The two leaders said they were satisfied with the good relationship between the two countries and pledged to promote the cooperation in the areas of economy, trade, tourism and fishing.

Yang also held talks with Maldivian Foreign Minister Ahmed Shaheed in the visit.

Yang arrived here Tuesday afternoon on his way of paying official visits to five African nations and Saudi Arabia. He is expected to leave Maldives Wednesday morning to continue his tour.

I believe China has a military base in the Maldives, established with the help of Pakistan, from which to confront India.

Do you still want to take your holidays there?


Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree with the tone of your post, frankly I was surprised.
I doubt your suggestions are very Christian - well, maybe they are in tune with the Old Testament...somewhat.. but not with the New Testament and Christ himself.

Terry Hamblin said...

Yes, read the next post, I chastise myself. Nevertheless, it was what I felt when I read the news. So I was being honest. And there is a sense that we are not concerned for the record on human rights of smaller supplicant nations.