Friday, May 15, 2009


Side effects this time seem to have lasted longer. One that I have not had before is associated with meals. After eating, I feel faint and shocky so that I have to lie down. I have a rapid pulse and start sweating. I also get strong bowel activity with rumbling noises. This all sounds very like the dumping syndrome seen after gastric surgery. I am guessing that it is caused by damage to the intestinal mucosa by 5-FU that allows simple sugars to pass rapidly into the blood stream, and this causes a release of insulin. Presumably the remedy is to eat food with a low glycemic index. No more mashed potatoes and French Fries.


Anonymous said...

Dietary changes are a good place tio start. Consider exploring use of octreotide, especially if the diarrhea persists.

Good luck,


Marcia said...

I hope the diet is working. Those sound like scary effects! I have a friend with hypoclycemia who always considers glycemic index, and does pretty well.

Prayers are with you.