Saturday, May 23, 2009


I spent most of yesterday and most of today so far dozing. For some of the time I was dozing in front of the TV watching old movies, The Asphalt Jungle and Kirk Douglas in Detective Story, but otherwise I was just dozing. I have started the latest Lee Child thriller, but even thrillers can't keep me awake. This must be chemo-brain. That and the fact that I have already made eleven typos just writing this. Make that 13. Shan't write anymore today.

UPDATE: BP 102/70 - probably explains the dozing.


Randy said...

Old movies and a Lee Child book- what could be better?

God Bless,


bob larkin said...

Gee, my BP generally runs in the 100/60 zone plus or minus. I was always proud of that low BP ... now I realize it is probably why I need so many naps. I hope you are dozing in sublime bliss. Don't worry, that magnificant Hamblin brain will be cranking again before you know it.

Bob Larkin

Brian Koffman said...

Rest is good.