Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yet more NHS nonsense.

Go to see a specialist in Harley Street and he will be wearing a waistcoat, dark jacket and pinstripe trousers. He may sport a bow-tie, but probably only if he is a gynaecologist. His Rolex will glitter across the desk. He may even wear a monocle.

Visit the same man in an NHS hospital and he will be wearing an open-neck short-sleeved shirt and no watch. The reason? A public decree by the Oberfuhrer who runs the NHS.

No doubt to exert New-Labor egalitarianism, eh? You would be wrong if you thought so. the real reason is to prevent the spread of MRSA from doctors' dirty cuffs and watch straps.

Really? Is there evidence for that? No, no evidence, but there is a reaction to make and a headline to grab. The government must be seen to be doing something.


Terry Hamblin said...

Good news. The Government has realized that their view on this one is untenable.

Chonette said...

I have not read the papers for a while, so I do not know what goes on, but after two weeks at the NHS hospital I am being treated, I have to admit I am very impressed by the level of education and cleanliness they have, a campaign throughout the hospital about cleanliness has filtered to visitors and patients alike, you find gel dispensers everywhere, from the entrance to the hospital to all corridors, waiting rooms etc. etc. and the interesting thing was all visitors seemed to make use of it, I observed nurses and doctors throughout the two weeks and all followed the rules, including secretaries and admin staff.
Educating people to do the right thing is the only way we can achieve infection free environment

Terry Hamblin said...

I posted my good news on the wrong post. It should relate to the nonsense of not allowing top up payments.