Saturday, June 21, 2008

Abu Hamza's extradition.

Abu Hamza, the rabble-rousing Mullah at present in jail in Rngland, is wanted in America on terrorism charges. He is famous for his hooks. He had his hands amputated but why exactly is not clear. He claims it was the result of helping clear land mines in Afghanistan left behind by the Soviet Union. Some dispute this claim and offer alternative theories, including that his hands may have been cut off as punishment for theft in Saudi Arabia. Another claim is that he lost his hands in a nitroglycerin accident, in an al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan.

He is due to be extradited shortly, but is appealing against his extradition. Yesterday, his appeal was turned down by the Court of Appeal. The two judges who heard the case were Mr Justice Sullivan and Judge Judge. More amusing than that Judge Judge's full name is Sir Igor Judge. He's an Igor!

Fans of Terry Pratchett will get the joke immediately. Igors are perennial servants of strange households who do a nice line in spare parts surgery. They all look alike and have a lisp. One can imagine the conversation.

"Abu Hamtha, we are going to thend you to the You-Eth-Ay, but before you go we mutht get rid of thothe hookth. I alwayth carry a thpare thet of handth in my thuitcathe, tho if you will come back to my roomth, I will thtich them on for you."

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