Friday, June 20, 2008

Even more NHS nonsense

An amusing letter in today's BMA News. Dr Simon Landen writes, "My trust has just completed an extensive, disruptive and costly 'deep clean'. With this is mind, I visited a patient with a broken leg."
"She had a wooden stick with a hand-shaped hook. I asked her what it was for, and she replied that it was for scratching beneath her cast. She said it belonged to a lady two beds down, who had been using it to scratch beneath her cast and to pull back the curtains around her cubicle."
"Further investigations revealed that the stick had been used by five patients in the previous 24 hours."

With every body worried about MRSA and C.diff it is about time that someone on the ground observed what was actually happening rather than central government issuing edicts on how to clean hospitals.


Richard said...

I'd be interested in you opinion of this latest NHS development, posted in the Independent.

Terry Hamblin said...

Brown is a lame duck prime minister. The next general election is less than 2 years away and he is 20 points behind in the opinion polls (last possible date 5th May 2010). Changes like the Darzi polyclinics require a huge amount of construction work and cannot possibly be in place before the Tories get back.

Richard said...

An interesting article about the NHS, with comments, in the Daily Telegraph:-

As an expat reading the papers it seems that Brown and his lot are at least consistent. They appear to have destroyed, Education, the NHS and the Police Force with the same reporting strategy.