Saturday, July 22, 2006

What attracts journalists.

Just a thought. More than twice as many people have died in the 'mini-tsuami' in Java last week that have been killed in the Israel-Lebanon 'mini-war'.


Anonymous said...

This a true statement. However it entails that the war in Lebanon is not significat when compared with larger issues facing humanity. This reductionism directed at this dirty war indirectly approves of the 20 tons bombs dropped on Beirut.

From follwing what the great doctor writes I would say that is not what he means. Someone who tries to spend most of his time helping patients would not have any objective but an honorable one. I remain an admirer of the great doctor.

Terry Hamblin said...

Of course the bombs on Lebanon and on Haifa matter, but sadly, the victims in Java don't seem to. This is the second Tsunami and despite the December 26th disaster over 600 people can die from a much less serious tidal wave. Clearly the lessons have not been learnt despite all the attention.

Anonymous said...

This tsunami occurred where there was no early warning system, so the lessons were learned, just not applied in every conceivable place.

As far as Beirut goes, it's their own fault. They can't control the terrorists in the south, and they can't expect the Israelies to just suffer rocket attack after rocket attack after rock attack without doing something about it.

The US remains Israel's best friend. We are re-suppling that country's arms as they are used up in killing terrorists.

I wonder if Francis Fukuyama has eaten his words yet.