Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Holiday thoughts

I'm on holiday. I have spent most of today sitting in the sun in my garden reading a novel. It is a reward for yesterday's activities which were physical. I had to repair a water-damaged ceiling and paint it. Then I had to sand down and repaint an upright on our porch. A break from being hunched over a keyboard being spent on physical activity was welcome. Today I have been lost in the nineteenth century British army fighting smugglers, Luddites and American Indians, as they used to be called. But I shall save my thoughts on Alan Mallinson until I have completed the two books I am reading back-to-back.

There is an interesting paper on familial CLL in the most recent Blood to arrive. It implicated the ATM-CHK2-BRCA2 pathway, which I have mentioned before.

The weather now is very pleasant. Warm and sunny without the oppressive heat of last week; this is about perfect.

I am slowly working my way through the BBC Sherlock Holmes starring Jeremy Brett (remember him from My Fair Lady?) and Edward Hardwicke. The sense of period is delightful, and Brett plays the part like a dancer; studied mannerisms and delicate footsteps.

I have a terribly guilty feeling that I ought to be doing something.


Anonymous said...

Generally, I really like the original actors in a series. I mean, there is no James Bond like Sean Connery. None. Ditto for Basil Rathbone as Sherlock.

HOWEVER, Jeremy Brett is an exception. His almost manic presence revitalized the Holmesian sagas. (Actually, he fought mania throughout his life).

I remember seeing a number of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries in the US on 'Mystery' on PBS. I've checked, and the episodes are available on Amazon.com.

I'll have to check them out, one day (if I live long enough).

Anonymous said...

Glad you are on vacation.
You are doing something, too...you are resting so you can do the work that you do so wonderfully (especially for all us CLL patients!).

Liz W.

John Wagner said...

I agree with Liz W. You deserve the holiday time. Everyone needs the time to renew their body, mind and spirit. I know many have said it before, but it can't be said too often, how much we appreciate what you do for us, the patient. You are a true gift to us as we go on this journey. Thanks and may God bless you even more than He has already!

Jenny Lou said...

I've often noticed how busy people need about 3 days of down time before they stop thinking that there is work to do. Relax, chill out, read, enjoy the outdoors. Just the fact that you posted on your blog to tell us that you are on Holiday shows that you need another day or two with your shoes off. Have fun......

Chonette said...

"I have a terribly guilty feeling that I ought to be doing something"
I leart to stop that feeling sometime during the last 18 months,you deserve a good break and enjoy it to the full.

Debbie Light said...


Glad you had a few days to sit in the sun with just the right weather to relax and read.

Thanks for all you do for us CLL patients.You take time out of your busy schedule to help us disect and understand this complicated disease that has taken residency in our bodies.It is an unwanted invader but the more we know about it,the better we can fight it.

Thank you Terry from the bottom of my heart!
God Bless,