Saturday, July 22, 2006


Arthur Koestler had CLL. He also developed Parkinson's disease. In my first 200 patients with CLL nine also had Parkinson's disease. Two of them developed their Parkinson's aftere a particularly severe attack of shingles.

I wonder if any of my rare readers has had a similar experience?


Anonymous said...


My dad had leukemia, although, we only found out by accident, so I'm assuming it was CLL - long story! I was diagnosed in May '05 with CLL. He also had Parkinson's. Do you see a correlation - my concern being, does it put me at risk for Parkinson's as well?

Anonymous said...

Rare readers? Is this like, not well-done?

Also, I think you have many readers; they just don't post here often. I've asked around my fellow CLLers, and they all mentioned they read your posts.

Terry Hamblin said...

My theory is that certain viruses (perhaps herpes zoster) are capable of damaging that part ofthe brain responsible for muscle co-ordination. CLL patients being perticularly succeptible to viral infections are especially likely to get Parkinson's.