Friday, January 05, 2007

Three detectives

One of my Christmas presents was a bundle of books by three of my favorite authors of detective stories. I am well into the third of them now.

Harry Bosch, the LA detective invented by Michael Connelly, is currently assigned to investigating cold cases. He is a man whose past has damaged him. Driven by empathy with the victims he disdains authority and rides roughshod over colleagues. Although attractive to women, his single-mindedness spoils all relationships.

Jack Reacher, the creation of Lee Child, is a simpler character. He is totally free of any commitment, owning nothing but tee-shirt, jeans and a very classy pair of English brogues. He goes around as an avenging angel with superman qualities. Although ex-army, he too cares nothing for hierarchies. This was the tenth novel. Advice to the author: he needs some character flaws.

John Rebus, Ian Rankin's Scottish detective is all flaws. He drinks too much, smokes too much, is far too fat; he has all the Scottish vices. Needless to say he mocks authority, ploughs his own furrow, yet comes up with results. He is now approaching retirement, though how he would cope with it is anybody's guess. With his unhealthy habits it looks as though he is trying to die in harness.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, my mom loves detective novels, but has read the ones available, (Sue Grafton, etc.)

What would you recommend for an 80 year-old mum who loves to read, but doesn't like difficut material (like John LeCarre)?

Prefer a series I can get her when the new books come out. She likes books like John Grisham.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I came across your site while reading up and searching for information on CLL..

This is very interesting. I have been looking for a long time for this information I'am finding here.

I have been seeing an Onc/Hem doc for several years now. They "think" I have CLL...I wonder how they can only think this and not know it for sure?

I first started seeing an Onc after my PCP noticed an increasing WCC. I was diagnosed with Leukocytosis for an unknown reason...That was when my WCC was only about 13.5..That was also in 2000. It is now 22.6 at last blood test. The ONC finally did a Bone marrow aspiratin from the sternum. His interpretation is he is not sure if it is CLL but that he thinks it is and I won't need treatment for years yet. Do you know how he can only THINK it is? He says I will see him several times ayear and have 3 month blood work indefinitely. This all gives me an uneasy feeling. I am a 55 year old adult. I think I can handle a cancer diagnosis but this not knowing is very stressful.

I have also had a previous cancer that is unrelated to leukemia but it does tell us something about my system.

Have you ever had a patient who you only thought had CLL but wasn't sure?

Terry Hamblin said...

Anonymous 1

Has she read the Brother Cadfael series by Ellis Peters?

Anonymous 2

Diagnosis is very simple. A blood test for CD5, CD19, CD23 gives the answer.