Thursday, October 20, 2011

Abuse of the law in the UK

I thought I would give my opinions on several instances of the tolerance of lawlessness that have been apparent in Britain lately. We live in a free society where every opportunity is given for citizens to express their dissent. First we live in a parliamentary democracy with universal suffrage for all over the age of 18. Even convicted felons are allowed a vote unless they are actually in prison. In addition citizens of the Irish Republic are allowed to vote in British elections and postal votes are available for those who are away from where they are registered to vote. There is no doubt that the voting system is widely abused, but it is believed that the balance between liberty and oppression is best maintained at this level.

In addition to the vote for both local and national government, the right to make peaceful demonstrations against particular decisions by government is strictly preserved.

The Dale Farm incident

Currently police and bailiffs are removing Irish Travelers from an illegally occupied site in Essex. Polls show that this move is supported by 87% of the general public. This is a dispute that has been going on for ten years. It is complicated. Irish Travelers have been living in the UK for more than 200 years and probably had their origin from the time when they arrived as laborers to build the canals. They have refused to integrate with the general population. They have jumped on the 'race' bandwagon so that racist legislation applies to them and laws introduced by the last Labour government require each local authority to provide sites where they may park their caravans on a temporary bases.

Their lifestyle is not compatible with the modern day. Children do not receive a proper education and healthcare is poor. However, the lifestyle is supplemented by a good deal of criminality and fraud. Generally, Irish travelers make bad neighbors and a lot of illegal squatting occurs leaving local authorities with huge clean-up bills.

The Dale Farm dispute has been going on for 10 years. There is a legitimate site on Dale farm, but in order to extend this the travelers bought some adjacent agricultural land and have set up a further 51 dwellings on it. They paid agricultural prices for land without planning permission and were unable to obtain planning permission for residential properties. Planning permission would have increased the value of the land by at least tenfold.

The travelers do in fact have luxury properties in Ireland but choose to live in Britain largely off state benefits and cash-in-hand laboring jobs for which they pay no income tax. They do this in England because Irish laws have made it impossible for them to do so over there. After 10 years of going through the courts the local authority have finally got permission to break up the travelers' camp and have done this despite the violent opposition of 'rentamob'.

Second example. The streets of central London are overrun with child beggars. These children are of Romanian Gypsy origin and are taking advantage of lax EU legislation which has allowed them into the UK. Begging is illegal in Britain but each of these children who target the Muslim community, are making £300 a day from begging. Romanians are not Muslims but they dress up as if they were. They are virtual slaves and are being run by organized crime families in Romania. These families live in huge villas in Romania and drive luxury cars. They are also being used for child benefit scams. One family was found to have defrauded the British taxpayer of £800,000 in a single year. Under British law these children should be taken into social care and their parents imprisoned, but hardly anything has happened for fear of transgressing laws about racism.

Third example. The streets of Southall in west London have seen a great increase in the construction of garden sheds. These sheds at the bottom people's gardens house up to 6 illegal immigrants who pay exorbitant rents to unscrupulous and criminal landlords. The local councils have a duty to prosecute but are unlikely to do so because the local councillors comprise the very same criminals who own the garden sheds. They think they are fireproof.

These are three examples of where a crazy softness has beset British society. We voted for a conservative government in the hope that these abuses would end. Next time more people will vote for a more Nationalistic government.

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