Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shutter Island

We watched Scorcese's Shutter Island last night. It was, I suppose, what is known as a psychological thriller. I have got into the irritating habit of saying aloud what I think will be the next words by a given character, as if I were the writer. This film allowed you to do this, which, I guess, means that the plot line was fairly obvious. I often spend some time digesting a movie after I go to bed. Not this time though. Some of the images were a bit gross and it was not a frightener except for those who don't like rats. Somehow so many dream sequences took the terror away.


Anonymous said...

The drug Revlimid, currently in trials for CLL, has a nasty habit of triggering thrombosis including DVTs. Some physicians are aware of this and use low doses of warfarin but others are not probably because it is not in wide use yet. TomD

Terry Hamblin said...

Not much to do with Shutter Island! But probably a comment on thrombosis in CLL. Yes the Thalidomide in CLL trial produced 2 DVTs.