Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's a busy life

Not much blogging this week. It has been the post-irenotecan week when I get a lot of intestinal colic which makes thinking difficult. I saw the oncologist on Friday and he gave me a good report. The CT scan was rather better than I had hoped with virtually all the disease except around the stricture disappearing. I get an extra week off over Christmas, but there are still 7 courses of chemotherapy to go.

I have spent the week advising on a medico-legal case that was very difficult to disentangle because the patient's hospital notes were lost, and have been missing for three years. It strikes me that if a hospital can't find notes after three years that they are not lost but hidden.

I have also been advising a marketing company on a marketing strategy for a drug in CLL. They didn't think much of my suggestion that it should be given away free until it has been shown to cure anyone.

Anyway I hope the next week will be easier to cope with.


Brian Koffman said...


I gotta love ya. You get hired by the marketers for Revlimid and you tell them to give it away. It makes perfect sense from so many angles, but I am sure it was not what they were expecting. Good for you.

Be well


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, and with your sense of humor intact, after all your battles.Glad you had a hopeful report to buoy you up for future chemo.

Anonymous said...

If your criterion is that a drug must cure CLL before it can be sold, wouldn't, like, all drugs be free? There is no cure for CLL as you know.

Or were you just being snarky?

Carter said...

I second Brian's comment, particularly the "be well". I continue to pray for you.

Anonymous said...

I think the notes are in the hospital's lost and found department- which is cleared out every six months by the in house legal and insurance staff.

Anonymous said...

I am 48 years young and discovered last year I have CLL. Recently found out that I am 11q del, unmutated, CD38 20%. My ALC was 7.3last year now it has jumped to 18.5Would Revlimid help me at this early stage and would I be able to purchase it if not given on the NHS?

Terry Hamblin said...

You would be eligible for the clinical Trial. Contact Dr Adrian Bloor at The Christie Hospital, Manchester.