Thursday, November 18, 2010

Disordered Minds

Minette Walters lives here in Dorset and is one of the top crime writers. I have just read 'Disordered Minds' which is set in Bournemouth, though not a Bournemouth that I recognize. It is what you would call a psychological thriller.

Gregory House says, "Everybody lies." He is right, but in this book everyone creates a new personality for themselves. People construct a persona that makes them comfortable with themselves, even though everybody else sees through it. This makes for a fascinating read as the threads unravel and the truth is gradually revealed. The main investigator is not who he claims to be, not is the murderer. The person convicted didn't do it and one person can't remember doing it. The guilty accuse the innocent and the innocent protect the guilty, though how innocent are the innocent.

If you haven't already, read it.


MjD said...

Speaking of books, last spring I sent a copy of my son's first book ( Grave Passage, ....a murder mystery on a cruise ship) to you in care of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital along with some CLL questions. I have been hesitant to ask you if you ever received it since you have been ill. It was my way of saying "thank you" to you for all you have done in this field. I hope that you are feeling somewhat better and that you might have received the book.

Terry Hamblin said...

Yes I read it and approved and have reviewed it on the blog. Scroll down for the review.

Tricia said...

Just to amuse you; I ordered Disordered Minds online as a stocking filler for my husband who loves this sort of book. On the cover was a very gushing critique but unfortunately it was from the Daily Mail. This may result in it being put to the bottom of his reading pile!
I hope that you have a better week, the cricket may improve too.

Terry Hamblin said...

The cricket has already got better and Man Utd won 7-1! Unfortunately we lost the rugby to South Africa.