Monday, June 14, 2010

Health again.

Not a very good weekend. I woke up on Sunday morning with more colicky abdominal pain, similar to Tuesday though not quite so severe. I had been tailing off the steroids, so it was disappointing to have a recurrence of pain. I managed to get in touch with my oncologist and we agreed that I should raise the dexamethasone to 8mg a day again and continue for three days before tailing them off. I should also continue with buscopan and paracetamol.

I cannot think of any particular meal that might have precipitated this, though a lamb cutlet was a bit fibrous.

The pain subsided by the evening and I was able to manage some mashed potato and gravy. Today I have gone out and bought a liquidizer, so this should remove the possibility of solid particles causing a blockage.

I wasn't very ill and without the context I would probably have just sat it out and taken fluids only, but given the context I had to take it more seriously. Perhaps it was all a reaction to the soft goal that Robert Green let in. The Americans were completely outplayed in the match and were reduced to shooting from distance.


Brian Koffman said...


So glad you are feeling better.

Sorry about the soft goal. Your team deserved better


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but America at least tied you. And you know, of course, that soccer is a footnote in America.

You get our third string.

Terry Hamblin said...

But 6 times the population and many Latin American immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Goalkeeping blunders aside I think England will start to miss the players that were ruled out for various reasons - Walcott, Ferninand, Beckham and even Michael Owen. Heskey is great at holding the ball up but put him in front of a goal and it's like watching someone with the shakes trying to thread a needle. As for Wright-Philips, how many times did he get caught in Possession?


Terry Hamblin said...

Joe Cole ought to be playing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cole for Wright-Phillips would give more balance to the team and probably allow Rooney more space to roam!