Thursday, March 25, 2010

Personal matters

It has already been quite a week. I have spent my first night away from home since I returned from hospital. I went to London for the UKCLL Forum Executive Committee Meeting and stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn, Regent's Park. I can't commend it. The lavatory would not flush and a light bulb didn't function. At £136 a night one expects more.

I also attended the Clinical Meeting which was on CLL-like conditions, including SMZL, hairy cell leukemia, LGL leukemia and polyclonal B-cell proliferative disease.. I would name and shame the restaurant that I ate at, but I'm not quite sure which meal was responsible for my tummy upset.

The good news is that I had a CT scan yesterday and there is no progression from last December.

This is the latest photo of our new grandchild. She is beginning to take notice of what is going on now.

Our daughter took the new baby up to see my 90-year old mother so here we have her with her great-grandmother.

We were meant to visit my eldest son and his family at the weekend, but that had to be postponed because they had some plague or other in the house. Happily it seems to have cleared now.

Mr Darling presented his pre-election budget yesterday. It was supposedly a soak the rich to help the poor budget. In a way it was disillusioning since I am no longer rich enough to have been affected by it in any way.

I notice that Obama-care passed in America. NICE is next.


Anonymous said...

Obamacare is the first step to government-run health care. Obama himself has said so.

This is in spite of solid majorities of people who realize the downward slope of the quality of health care in the US.

I've wondered were people in Canada and elsewhere in the world are going to go for their first-class care. I suppose one of the Arab countries who are flush with oil money.

The average American's health care will get progressively worse.

Cancer drugs will be pulled from the marketplace as Obama decides they are too expensive.

The socialists took a system that worked well, and replaced it with a system that will give worse care at a higher price.

My only consolation is that the liberals who agitated the loudest will be among those who suffer. When they finally realize their mistake, it will be too late.

I'd laugh, but it hurts too much.

Anonymous said...

As Joe Biden (the loose cannon VP) said, 'this is a big f**king deal'.

Yes, the destruction of an excellent health care system always is.

The socialists are smart. They put off full implementation years down the road, so people won't remember the high quality of care they have received, and what they will have then.

It's a sad day in America.

Alan said...

No progression is good. I want you to keep educating me about anemia for while longer. My thanks to you.

Wayne said...

Most importantly it is good to hear the outcome from your tests.

Yes, there may be much to fear from govt. run programs and not just in health but do we want the mindset of say Jeff Skilling of the former Enron Energy company to be a model of how health care is managed in the US?

The "Health care for Profit" model has a built in conflict of interest when most profit is made from healthy clients of the insurance companies and drugs of Big Pharma that don't cure but cost small fortunes.

Health care reform has become an ugly abusive brawl in the arena of ideology rather than a rational debate to solve a growing serious set of health care problems.

I for one would have liked to see govt. socialized health care for politicians ended before debate of reform got started.

justme said...

It's great to hear your CT scans continue to show no progression! I enjoyed seeing the newest pictures of little Abygael, and your mom, too.