Saturday, March 27, 2010

Government jobs secure.

This is a gasoline powered alarm clock which has been given the EnergyStar Label by America's EPA. You can read about it here. It was one of more than a dozen other bogus products submitted for approval since last June by Congressional auditors posing as companies. According to a Congressional report it easily secured the label.

Maria Vargas, an official with the EPA, said the approvals did not pose a problem for consumers because the products never existed. Ms. Vargas emphasized that there was “no fraud,” . She said she doubted that many of the 40,000 genuine products with EnergyStar status had been mislabeled.

I don't think I would be satisfied with that. If it were Toyota that had erred so then every device with a EnergyStar Label would be recalled. One law for the government and one for business.


Anonymous said...

How funny! I work for the government and I can tell you our office runs pretty smoothly. We are a technical shop that runs economic model software and compiles data from industry for unemployment rate data and tons of other information.

However, we are also a graying shop. We are staffed by men and women with advanced degrees who came out of university straight into public service because that is where the action was. We work closely with academia because we are the only people in the world with our data.

However, the quality of staff has declined as the concept of diversity and 'upward mobility' has transpired. The people who are coming up are largely people with associate degrees from community colleges, or in many cases, no degrees at all. There is little imagination or a quest for quality now. They care little about the job, since the gray beards have set up sophisticated models one just needs to input data into.

The clerical class now runs the shop. Chaos has ensued, as you can imagine. We now have to hire outside talent to do anything above rote tasks.

The university class coming out of school today shun public service because of the poor reputation it has. Government workers are an easy and very visible target. As the quality of the hires declines, the quality of the work suffers, leading to more news stories of piles of data being thrown away unshredded and sometimes not even used, because we've gotten so far behind.

This is what will happen to health care and everything else the socialists force down America's throat.

Diversity is a higher goal than the quality of the work. Just think how health care will be when medical assistants without even a high school diploma are 'upwardly mobiled' into nurses or nurse practitioners.

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Terry Hamblin said...

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