Saturday, July 25, 2009

My health again

It has been a difficult week. I have been just as slow to recover from the single drug as I was with the two drugs. The only thing that I have escaped is the cold-induced parasthesia. I'm glad I have an extra week to recover this time. The worst thing is the lethargy; after 7 pm I am a zombie. I have been trying to write a piece on TCL1, but some days I write no more than 20 words. I have also been preparing my accounts ready for the taxman, a tedious task at the best of times. However, with the future uncertain I thought it best to get them out of the way during this three week break.

I was asked if I would speak at the UK CLL Forum meeting in September, but the truth is I am so weak I would not even make the journey to London. Perhaps next year...

The postural hypotension has been bad enough for me to drop my usual blood-pressure pills, but even walking from bed to armchair sends my pulse rate up to 120 per minute. I have been doing exercises while lying down to try and strengthen my muscles which have wasted away with all this inactivity.

Course 9 starts on Wednesday week, so keep me in your thoughts and prayers, please.


Ian said...

I'm across the other side of the world (Down Under) but it doesn't stop me from thinking of you and praying for you.

bob larkin said...

We're praying state side as well Terry. Sorry you are struggling so. Conserve your strength and don't worry about things you can't do right now. You'll make up for it later.

baja714 said...

Dr. Hamblin:

I'm so blessed to have found your blog several mos. ago. My dx last Sept was CLL/SLL, and I've received one round of Rituxan with excellent results.

Since then I've found some informative websites dealing with this disease. However, yours has provided me with more info and inspiration than all the rest.

I've been keeping you in my prayers and will continue, gladly!

Barbara (Oregon, USA) said...

Terry, life can seem so unfair at times, but know the Lord has never been closer, He is watching over you and loves you more than you can comprehend. Don't give up, things are going to get better. May His peace give you comfort and know many prayers are said for you. God bless you,

Sewing, knitting, quilting Grandma said...

I am praying for you. There is something exciting in prayer for healing. A ministry called Healing Rooms with a hands-on approach is at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. There is also Saturday morning "SKYPE" contacts for prayer for healing. In July I watched Terry's absolute lymphs fall from doubling in less than 12 months to 56. Other signs, such as bloating abdomen, palpable nodes, difficulty programming in his job,being let go of his job, dropping platelets to 96, and so on as expected. After being prayed for specifically at our church on Sundays and at a recent Healing and Impartation School held at our church by Global Awakening he visited Bethel Church the last weekend before his new job. He was tested at his routine 6 week interval. His latest test at same clinic on same equipment showed absolute lymphs at 19, neuts now normal and increased red counts. The lab said they were having trouble with their equipment after testing Terry.

Here is how to contact Bethel Church. Rirst: . Click on Church Information to see drop-down menu. Select: Healing Rooms Ministry. At the bottom of that page you'll see information for Skype to the Healing Rooms. Bethel Church declared warfare in the Spirit realm against cancer in and around Redding, CA. They've seen an eighty percent reduction in hospital admissions for cancer in the next year.

The biggest difficulty for you may be being upright to look into a camera on a computer and the time difference. Bethel Healing Rooms hours are on Saturday mornings Pacific Time. I believe it will be very worth your while to visit. You can also email or call them. We subscribe to ibetheltv. We listen to sermons, seminars, worship all recorded or live. These have been a blessing to both of us.

Terry was prayed for by a man at Bethel who said God was also healing his memory. The new job is going great and his memory and stamina are both much better. We believe God is healing Terry Lee.

He also had a condition, Peyronnes, and has type II, controlled diabetes. I laid my hands on him and said, "In Jesus name and by His blood be healed." The he next opportunity he was 95 percent whole, much to our delight. If God cares about even things like that I know he cares for our very lives, your life and my life and Terry's life.

We are seeing and hearing of the move of God sweeping nations and denominations as people are being healed and delivered like they once were only in 3rd world nations in our lifetimes. What my Baptist teachings from childhood said ended with the death of the Apostles and the completion of the Bible is happening. It has been happening in our church for 5 years and in many others for up to 20 years now. We call it revival.

Terry was prayed for by a young Chinese Canadian woman at a conference at our church within two weeks of the visit to Bethel. She said God wanted to heal people with leukemia. My church calls that a word of knowledge. Terry and another lady received prayer. She and her Chinese pastor and friends prayed for Terry. I have their cards to report the good news.

When Terry got his new job appointment talk was still of worries of the H1N1 virus. Terry told me God would have to heal him if he was going remain well and work in downtown Seattle in a crowded office situation.

I don't understand this wave of healing and miracles fully, but I decided to take God at His word in the Bible. I don't qualify it or put verses and meanings into dispensations any more. Jesus said his followers would do even greater things than He and I believe Him. His believers are doing so in our generation. He is preparing His bride. People are coming to faith in Muslim countries, all over Africa and around the world.

Terry, I love your Hymn!

God be with you, dear friend in the Lord, and with your family. I proclaim Psalm 118:17 over you, "I will not die, but live, And declare the works of the LORD. New King James Version. This is now included in a worship song.
Be Blessed,

Brian Koffman said...

What a trial. How arbitrary is the timing of the courses? Would even longer time between doses help?

You are always in my thought and in my heart
G-d bless

Anonymous said...

Dr Hamblin, I really sympathise. The extra week off will make an enormous difference, you will feel almost normal again. The blood pressure and fast heartbeat will also get better. The final rounds of this regimen are increasingly harder to bear, but it is amazing how resilient the body is. Wishing you well.
Mary Connell

Anonymous said... too from way Down Under. Sending you thoughts of strength...Karen in NZ

Ron said...

Dear Terry,
You are in my prayers.