Saturday, July 04, 2009


Seventh course completed, now for the side effects. Actually I have weathered this course much better. The dose of oxaloplatin has been reduced and I am back taking the steroids, but I think the greatest improvement has been in my psyche. Simply by seeing the improvement in the CT and entertaining to prospect of a curative resection of the primary after the chemotherapy is completed, I have rediscovered some hope.

Spiritual hope is something I have always had, of course. Hope in a Biblical sense is not just a benign expectation, but a certainty achieved by believing the promises of God, but earthly hope is a lot more chancy. Andy Murray hoped to win Wimbledon but there was no certainty in that hope. Perhaps next year...

As an oncologist, I always believed in leaving patients with some hope. Survival curves always have a long tail and though it may be a long thin one like a laboratory rat's someone has to ride that tail and it may be you.

Anyway something has raised my spirits. Thanks for all those who have been praying.


H Paul Garland said...

It is amazing how much one's own attitude matters. And having genuine hope really helps.

Anonymous said...

If on occasion you feel awfully sick during one of these sessions, it is so human and normal to be very discouraged. May God daily supply your every need.
It is good that you have your wonderful medical training.
With it, you have been able to help thousands of people.
Now your years of study and practice has given you the unique ability to advocate knowledgeably for yourself. This is such a good thing. Your 'tail of the lab rat' analogy is wonderful! Why NOT you!
Chemotherapy is employed because it HAS a success rate ... as you already know!
Another doctor's mother!

Deb Light said...

Praising God you are nore Hopeful1!

Yes we are always Hopeful in the Lord regardless of our health problems!

Glad you got along better this round!God is good!!

Thoughts & Prayers,

Tricia said...

So glad to hear that your spirits are rasied. We all have our own way of getting through chemotherapy treatment and I have resisted relating mine as it can sound like a formula. However I would like to share with you one particular inspiration - Roger Federer. As he proved again on Sunday, there is no end to his resolve. Of course the focus, hard work,skill etc are needed too but without the belief and resolve our efforts can be dissipated.
Be strong and be well.