Friday, April 24, 2009

Not so good today

It seems that the day after the chemo ends is a poor day. I can't seem to think much and my concentration span is only about 15 minutes. I suppose some would call it 'chemo-brain'. On the other hand, I am coming down off a large dose of steroids, I only slept for 4 hours last night, I have retained water from the steroids and put on about 4 pounds, and my BP is up to 155/80. So maybe its just tiredness.

I was going to write something about 'The Oxford Murders' starring Elijah Wood and John Hurt, but apart from saying it was an enjoyable puzzle that I watched in 4 stages because of my chemo-brain I can't think of anything interesting. The reviews were mixed, but it was better than that. I think I'll keep it in my collection

The other thing I had in mind to write about was 'Winter in Madrid' by CJ Sampsom who writes the Henry VIII detective stories. I knew very little about the Spanish Civil War, so this was a good introduction and an interesting thriller. Worth a read.


Marcia said...

The day after was always the worst for me. I trust tomorrow will be better! I hope your weather is getting nice so you can be out in the fresh air. God bless your recovery.

Deb Light said...

I hope and pray you are feeling better Dr. Terry.I think I still have chemo brain 3 years after chemo!

God Bless,