Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Course 2

The first day of my second round of chemotherapy. Already I have the cold-induced pins and needles. At dinner tonight I had to run the cutlery under the hot tap or eat with gloves on. I couldn't manage my apple juice - it made my tongue go numb.

I spend the two hours of the infusion listening to downloaded radio programs on my iPod, but I still have a backlog of over 40 programs to listen to. I kept getting interrupted as former colleagues came visiting.

This morning the surgeon I first worked for as an intern came to visit. He is about 78 now and has problems with angina and diabetes. We had an hour of happy reminiscing.

Blogging is difficult under the influence of dexamethasone so I'm off to watch the Liverpool v Arsenal match on the TV.

Later: just the match to watch on Dexamethasone. 8 goals and a 4-4 tie. Liverpool's title shot looks gone. If they win their remaining 5 matches, Manchester United will have to lose two of their remaining seven for Liverpool to triumph and even then they will have to outscore United. Stll United have still to play Arsenal and both play the open attacking football that leads to high scoring results. The also have to play Arsenal twice in the European Cup so they will be very familiar with their game.


Goosey said...

I have been reading your blog with great interest as I work in a hospice in Poole and it's really good to see how it feels from the patient's point of view. My own father is also undergoing chemotherapy at the moment and seems to be remarkably unscathed by the experience! We belonged to LBC for 30 years but now worship locally.
We will keep you and the family in our prayers, best wishes.

Terry Hamblin said...

I found your sites and have bookmarked them. It looks like you have some good tips for Dorset walks, which I hope to be enjoying this summer.