Friday, January 23, 2009

Favorite Film Stars

It can be measured by how many of their films I have on DVD.
1. Humphrey Bogart 16
2. Anthony Hopkins 14
3. Cary Grant 13
4=. Clint Eastwood 8
Clive Owen 8
6=. Michael Caine 7
Tom Cruise 7
Alan Rickman 7

As far as women go:
1. Cate Blanchett 8
2.= Nicole Kidman 7
Diane Keaton 7
4.= Bette Davis 6
Helen Mirren 6
Kate Winslett 6
7.= Helena Bonham-Carter 5
Jodie Foster 5
Julia Roberts 5
Ingrid Bergman 5
Susan Sarandon 5

Of course, it is not a fair comparison since there are still some films I want to own and haven't got around to buying yet and there are some series like the BBC Shakespeare where there are so many actors that my database doesn't mention them all. Nevertheless, the only surprises for me are how high Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise feature. I would have put Al Pacino higher than Cruise and Sissy Spacek higher than Roberts.


Anonymous said...

No films with Gene Hackman or Jack Nicholson?


Terry Hamblin said...

Unforgiven, the Firm and Enemy of the State with Hackman, Jack Nicholson scores 6.

Pat said...

I like your list making. And the analysis based on dvd ownership.....I don't own many movies so there is no objective scale to measure against. But, I am glad you mentioned Al Pacino even if he didn't make your list. I think Scent of A Woman might be on my all-time best-of list. And I have seen it #$@%?? times.

Just this week I saw "The Bucket List" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. I know some reviewers called it 'schmaltzy' but I loved how they played together.