Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Do you get those messages telling you that some widow of an important person has twenty million pounds (dollars, euros, whatever) in the Ivory Coast (Nigeria, Sierra Leone, perm any of 168 countries) that she can't get out of the country, but needs to use your bank account details to do so? Of course you do (unless your spam filter strains them out). The amazing thing is that some people must fall for it, otherwise they would stop sending them. I wonder, though, if they are pitching the figure correctly for their market? Is there a figure that would be more tempting? 200 million? 2 billion? Or perhaps there is a figure that would be more believable? 2,792 pounds, perhaps? Or 27,920?

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Chonette said...

Before the internet was a common use by everybody, I used to get such letters by post.
I remember having a good laugh with my accountant about it many years ago and wondered if people would fall for such things.
They seem very persistent to have moved to internet land.