Friday, April 04, 2008

The Illusionist

After 'The Prestige' now comes 'The Illusionist'. Oscar nominated for Cinematography it was another period piece about conjurers. Less difficult than the Prestige and the trick more easily guessed. After Star Trek we are used to both teleportation and holograms. "Even if we escaped he would hunt us down until we are dead" says the Duchess and that is the clue. In a way, the human interest story was more accessible than that of the Prestige, but the tricks were not explained - the sword in the stone in particular when he would have had no apparatus to make it work.

The Prestige was much darker, with Hugh Jackman playing against type and Christian Bale apparently sacrificing his queen. I certainly never spotted the Tessler answer until it was revealed, but I did guess the twin. Of the two, my wife preferred the Illusionist, but I preferred the Prestige.

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