Monday, March 17, 2008

That pig Paul.

The evangelist was scheduled to take a religious education lesson in a girls' secondary school. As he walked into the classroom he was greeted by the teacher who said, "We have decided that St Paul was male chauvinist pig."

After shooting upwards an arrow prayer for help he asked the girls, "How many of you would like to be married and have a family?" All their hands shot up.

"How many would like to marry a man like your father?" All the hands stayed down.

"Why not?" One girl suggested, "He expects my mum to wash and iron his clothes, to cook his meals and wash up the dishes, to do his shopping for him, to wait on him hand and foot. He's turned her into his house-slave."

"Who would like to marry a man like this? His love is patient, his love is kind. His love never envies, he is never rude. He is never proud; he does not boast. His love is not easily angered. His love keeps no record of wrongs. His love hates evil and loves the truth. His love always protects, always trusts, always hopes always keeps on tyring. His love never fails."

Every hand shot up.

"That's the kind of man that St Paul recommends."

I am grateful to Ian Leitch for the story.

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