Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ruth Rendall

I have just finished Ruth Rendall's "Babes in the Wood". She is reputed to be one of the finest crime writers currently writing in England. Her detective, Inspector Wexford is a oldish policeman, who views the changes of modern life with a degree of irritation and dismay. He relies on his wife to work the Internet for him, and prefers books to television.

In this book, I particularly enjoyed two sentences.

"They have Moses and the prophets" says Wexford when he decides not to warn an ignorant character of the danger awaiting them.

I wondered how many readers would recognize that as a quote from Jesus' story of Lazarus and Dives.

"He performed a few tasks around the house making the beds and the coffee - now is that an example of zeugma, Giles?"

Giles grinned. 'No. It would be if you said, "making haste and the coffee". Yours is syllepsis.'

Now English grammar is one of my delights.

I enjoyed the book, though after James Elroy and Elmore Leonard it is a little parochial and cozy.

I have now started Brideshead and I know I am in for a treat.


Anonymous said...

She sounds as though she has a wonderful character. We in the US of course have been exposed to many British detectives/policement/amateur detectives and so on.

I must confess my favorite is Inspector Morse. I have all of the episodes on DVD, and treat myself every so often with an evening with the irascible detective.

They have shown an episode of Inspector Lewis, based on Morse's long-put upon aide. It was enjoyable

John Thaw, who played Morse, died of esophageal cancer, if memory serves me correctly.

Another life cut short by cancer.

Terry Hamblin said...

Lewis has a new assistant played by a young member of the Fox family. the next generation after James and Edward.