Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blogging in Seattle

My son, now in Seattle, has started a blog. If you want to share in his culture shock start reading here.


Exiled in mainstream said...

Thank you father, I look forward to attachments from the various anonomice.

Did you see Saha's goal today? What a beauty. Fox Sports Grill is a fun place to be at lunchtimes

Terry Hamblin said...

Certainly was, though it did get a deflection. What was wrong with Rooney, though? He looked as though he'd given up training while he was suspended. Slow, clumsy and not concentrating; has Rio introduced him to weed?

Don't worry about spam. I have not found it a nuisance and you will find that you make new friends.

vikki said...

Its good to know that a haematologist believes in miracles.

vikki said...

sorry put this in the wrong place