Monday, March 27, 2006

Not Spring yet

I won't say Spring has arrived, because it certainly hasn't. But the weather has changed. It is certainly warmer, but not at all pleasant. The wind is strong, the sky is overcast and the rain spits, drizzles, seeps, stops, starts and sets in.

The daffodils are out but bedraggled, the crocuses have fallen over. We have some impressive catkins on the twisted hazel. Today I saw a jay on a leafless branch; a glimpse of tan that first I thought was the remains of last Fall's leaves, but he seemed to be shivering, and surely if the wind were doing that it would have blown away any leaf.

Driving home from Tunbridge Wells last evening was a trial. 20 mph on the M25; four lanes nose to tail; the sky full of grey warnings gradually intensifying as we stuttered along. Driver behavior was very good; no lane hopping or tailgaiting. It was as if we were all in the same boat so we'd better stick together.

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