Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bible reading

We had an interesting discussion on how to study the Bible tonight. Some people feel guilty if they don't read a chapter a day. Others swear by Bible Reading Notes. Some follow a system devised by CH Spurgeon, Alan Stibbs or IVP. I find the best way is to have to preach on a passage.

One thing I have tried is to write a hymn around a section of scripture. Those readers who liked my hymn "A precious people" might care to know that it comes from Colossians chapter 3 verses 12-17.


John Wagner said...

I teach an adult Bible study group each Sunday morning (Sunday School) and I learn 10 times more that anyone else during my preparations. I have taught for many years and was usually frustrated that the time went too quickly each week and our material was dated so we had to move on. Now we do book studies and take our time. We took well over a year in our Mathew study. It is so much more satisfying and our conversations go wherever the Holy Spirit leads us. Our group has come so much closer as folks have time to share their hopes, their fears and their faith and put it into context of the text we are studying.

I have said it before, but THANK YOU for all you do and for this Blog. God has and is using you in a powerful way. What a servant attitude you have! God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

My mom does use a computer sytem to allow her to finish the complete Bible in one year. We talk about what she has learned that day.