Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Last Post

This was Terry's blog and whilst it has been the easiest way for us as a family to contact his many friends around the world in recent weeks, we now want to leave this blog as our father's legacy. This will be the last post that the family will be making here, it will remain live and accessible on the internet ad infinitum. We will continue to monitor for comments which will be published as appropriate until 29thth February 2012.

However we also want to make sure that his legacy lives on. We have set up an email address which anyone who wants to remain/be in contact with Terry's family can use. It will be administered by his children and we will respond to you as swiftly as we can, we would love to hear from you. The email address is . Over the coming months, we will also be looking at how to harness technology to make his many articles originally published on his blog, more accessible by subject matter, particularly his writing about CLL. If you would like to be kept up to date on the progress of this project, please send your contact details to the new email address.

Terry's Thanksgiving Service is still available to view at we believe that over 140 people around the world watched live on Tuesday, with more watching since.

Finally - in Terry's words "Trust in God and think laterally"

Karen, Richard, Angela and David.


Burke said...

The link below is to an ACOR site known as "The Professors' Posts" that was operated by Dr. Hamblin and Dr. Leclair that has been very helpful to CLL patients over the years:'%20posts.htm

Rambling Steve Appleseed said...

Thanks for deciding to leave the blog up, it is excellent. There is so much angry and ugly comment on the worldwide web, it is good to see the dignified words of a Christian gentleman and a man of science.

You mention looking for a way to make the words of the blog more widely available. Have you considered publishing as an Amazon Kindle e-book? the process is free, downloads can be as little as 77p or $1. Royalties are 35%, not much but if it added up no doubt one of Dr Hamblin's preferred charities could benefit. I have recently published a book in this format and it is not difficult, all you need to do is post all the text into a Word document with entry headings and create an active table of contents (easy when shown how) then create a Kindle Direct Publishing account and upload. You could even split up the inspirational from the CLL related material and make several e-books.

Kindest regards.

Deb Light said...

Thank you for leaving Dr. Terry's blog up!I look to it often for answers to my CLL problems.Also you can do a search on our CLL Christian Friends webside and Dr. Terry's Corner where he answered our CLL questions for the past five

Thanks and God Bless,

Paula said...

I just want to add my appreciation of Dr. Terry. I've only been following his blog for about a year, but I have been so blessed by reading it. I visited the site regularly and was repeatedly encouraged and challenged by the things he said. When I asked a question (about my coming dental treatment and CLL), he responded very promptly.

I was very surprised and shocked to hear of his death, as up till then he'd seemed to be quite positive about the new treatment he was starting. I watched his memorial service online, (a few days after the actual event) and was very moved.

I'm so glad you're leaving the blog site available.

thank you and blessings,

Paula Smithers in Sheffield

Anonymous said...

I loved him . His writing inspired me and helped me . My dad had cll and I would comb through dr Terry's posts looking for something that might make my dad well or at least more comfortable ....... But I was given so much encouragement by his religious posts. He was a great Christian ! The world has lost a great dr but heavens gain

Anonymous said...

I feel the need to leave a little message for all. I would like you all to know that Professor Terry was also known as far afield as Saskatoon,Saskatchewan,Canada.

I have been diagnosed with CLL which seems to have been tucked away until last year. After the many routine tests, I got given a visit to a Dr. from our city cancer centre. May I add that it took me many,many months to get that far and as,like many, I wanted to understand more about this alien body, I searched the web and found this site. I read so much and put it all together with my recent flow cytometry results.

Two days after these tests I was given an appointment to see a Dr. Hadi Goubran Messiha. Well to cut a story short, we talked and he commented on my knowledge of the Alien within. He asked where I get my information from, so I duly pointed out this web site and mentioned Professor Terry. Suffice to say the Dr. jumped back in his seat and proceeded to tell me that he was mentored by Terry many moons ago.
I found that after he was sure that the information I was reading was from a very reliable source he talked in depth about the Alien within. I am British and plan to return to England later this year,and after telling him of this he has offered to get me care from reliable Doctors.

After I saw that Terry had passed, I called my cancer clinic and asked them to let Dr.Messiha know,I also told them to pass on that the service would be web cast and let them have the site address. I am not due to see him for another month, and will post back any of his comments.

So suffice to say that all the hard work and dedication Terry put in is alive and still working in far flung places around the globe. I would like to think that some of the dedicating etc; rubbed off onto my Dr. because he is also totally dedicated and a superb person who has so much time for those under his care.