Thursday, December 01, 2011

More troubles

I had another fall this morning. I slipped while coming downstairs and twisted the knee I injured 50 years ago. I have a longstanding anterior cruciate tear that was never repaired (there was no operation then) that has left my left knee unstable. For a while I was in great pain, but my wife came and laid hands on my knee and after a bit of massage all the pain was gone. I didn't realise she had that skill. Or perhaps it was a miracle.

We were let down by Currys who delivered the new dishwasher but the fitter was unable to fit it. "More than my jobsworth" he said. I suppose he could have plugged an electric plug into a socket, but the dishwasher was hard-wired into the wall. They were evening threatening to take the old one away. Happily, our friend Bob was visiting us and he was able to disconnect the old machine and allow them to remove it. A private fitter will call in to connect it this evening.

Still waiting for the monoclonal antibody; I am now expecting a positive result by lunchtime.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to read the news of your fall. Hoping the MAB meets your expectations.


Paula said...

Can hardly believe you had a fall, to add to all the other problems. Amazing how the pain left though. Praise God for that. And did the dishwasher get sorted today? And did you have the decision re funding for the medication?

Terry Hamblin said...

AS I understand it the question of the MAB should have been settled by the chairman of the committee, but the oncologist who chairs it has been on annual leave this week. The Deputy chairman is a nurse who though convinved by the argements was afraid of taking a decision herself and sent a round-robin e-mail to all the committee members. One of the lay-members objected so the decision has been deferred until next Monday's meeting when the Chairman returns.

The dishwasher is up and running, though we have yet to receive a refund from Currys for the failure of installation.

My knee is fine now. Praise the Lord!