Thursday, September 22, 2011

Away from my desk

I'm sorry not to have communicated recently. but I have been very ill. I had to reduce my dose of Capcitabine because of toxicity and initially this improved the side effects, but only for a day and then fatigue and abdominal pain returned with a vengence; so much so that I could not take the full 14 day course. Even after stopping the toxicity continued and I had to stop eating. On water alone by mouth plus Buscupan and Co-codomol the symptoms gradually settled and I woke at 4 am today feeling better. I am due to start the same regime next Monday.

Thanks for all the good wishes.


Jorge said...

So glad to have news about you. I wish your quicker recovery.

Anonymous said...

Chemo just sucks have all my positive thoughts and prayer's for this next week and following ones. Just sleep until you feel better. Sleep is so healing when the body is in a state of chaos from chemo.

Chemo sucks.

Jenny Lou

Chonette said...

I wish I could take away from you those pains and side effects.
Will be thinking of you today and wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know you remain in both thought and prayer while you conserve your strength to focus on each day's challenge.
May each day bring you greater comfort and health.