Wednesday, April 14, 2010

General Elelction

We have an election going on. What to I wish for?

Small government. The present lot are altogether too intrusive. Their first responsibilty is to protect citizens from outside attack. Not doing too well on that. The second is to create sound money. Not a high score there, either. The third is the rule of law. I rest my case.

Local involvement. I am sick of being told what to do by Brussels or Edinburgh or even London. I came to Bournemouth for its pleasant parks, mild climate, selective education and superlative hospitals. Leave us alone!

Personal responsibility. Cradle-to-grave nurturing by a nanny-state breeds weakness, dependency and inertia. We need to take responsibility for the behavior and education of our children, for the tidiness of our town, for the quality of our hospitals and the state of our roads. Are we to suppose that Brussels cares about potholes in Holdenhurst Road or whether the 9.53 gets into London on time, or whether ASDA sells minced beef in half pound packs? They apparently care about how straight bananas are or whether we use ounces or grammes.

Is there any party I should support?


Alan said...

At least you have a permanent third party in England. And by all accounts, the Liberal candidate bested the two big guys in the debate. Surprise us!

Anonymous said...

I regret to inform you that the battle for small government was lost a fifty years ago. After the second world war, there was great weariness on the part of the people. The government had no problem stepping in and heading towards socialism.

No matter what party you vote for, there will be no changes in the direction of Europe - oops, I mean England. The next move is more power in Europe.

England? I've heard of it; wasn't it swallowed up with the rest of Europe years ago?

But be of good cheer! Your taxes are supporting some really swell people in Brussels. They won't invite you to their stuffy parties (just like the US, where the Senate majority leader said that he can tell when they let the rabble in to tour the Capitol, because they 'smell'.

I don't remember who first said it, but when the populace realizes that they can vote themselves government money at someone else's expense, democracy is over.

The US turned that corner recently. One-half of the populace pays no federal income tax. And the people receiving more money from the government than they spend is over 50% now.

And there is nothing anyone can do, since the leeches have more votes than the workers do.