Thursday, November 26, 2009


The Daily Mail is particularly xenophobic today.

The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital's neonatal ward treats 500 newborns each year from London and the south east. Many of the babies have been born prematurely or have inherited illnesses.

Earlier this year when 243 babies had been admitted to the unit, a survey was taken of the origin of the mothers. 52 were from Africa, 59 from Asia, 64 from Europe, 48 from the Americas and 20 from Australasia. There were only 18 from the UK and nearly as many, 16, from the USA. In all 72 nations were involved.

This facility deals with ailments such as sickle cell anaemia (which is prevalent in African and Mediterranean communities, while almost unknown among those of northern European heritage), HIV passed on from the mother, as well as deafness, blindness and devastating neurological problems common among ethnic communities in which marriages between cousins are the norm.

It seems that it is paid for by the UK taxpayer. One of the things that must be guarded against with Obama-care.

One of the comments in response to the article goes like this:

"We have got plenty of money for everyone - come to Britain we will foot the bill, we are only too happy to cover your costs as well as our own. I don't mind working all the hours God sends so you don't have to. If you are ever passing my house then let yourself in - the key is under the mat and just help yourself to the food in the fridge. If you need to shower then have a nice hot one at my expense, there are plenty of clean towels and feel free to have a nice nap in my bed. Don't worry I will do the laundry after you have gone. I am only too happy to do this for all the foreign nationals because when I am in their country it is all free for me and my family too."

Irony is not dead yet.

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50s something professional in recovery said...

Hmm was that last comment from Jesus, sounded like something he would have said, you know give up your belongings to those in need...