Thursday, September 03, 2009

Health update

Here is an update on my health. The line infection has abated and I have stopped the antibiotics. The dressing over the cut they made when they removed my line should be coming off tomorrow. I can stop the low molecular weight heparin injections at the end of the week. I have already had my loading dose of warfarin; blood test on Friday.

The peripheral neuropathy is still a problem and although I am no longer fainting my blood pressure is normal without my anti-hypertension drugs, which probably means that I have an autonomic neuropathy. My feeling of bloating is still there, though mostly better than it was.

My biggest worry is weight gain. I have put on 5 pounds in the past week. However, I went for the same walk today that I went for two weeks ago. Last time I was breathless just crossing the road, but today I was out for 30 minutes without getting breathless at all. I think it is time I started going to the gym to build up my strength.


Anonymous said...

Dare I assume that you are beginning your journey on the other side of this mountain? I hope so. 30 minute walk before feeling breathless is a very positive thing! Rock on, Terry.

Jenny Lou Park

Randy Shannon said...

Good news Doctor. Day by day.

God Bless,

Wayne said...

It is indeed good news to hear you are able to walk farther with less breathing issues.

Deep circular breathing in a meditative manner has helped to bring me out of the shortness of breath and non-productive cough which has been such an obstacle to my general feeling of well being.

Keep up the progress and may you maintain a positive and fighting spirit!


H Paul Garland said...

Your health update sounds very encouraging. Outstanding!

Anonymous said...

I'm just is coumadin usually begun (ie, "loading dose") these days in the UK?


Terry Hamblin said...

For me, 5mg a day fror 2 days then test on the third day.

Marcia said...

Thanks for news of your progress! Yes, exercise is the key to feeling better!

Terry Hamblin said...

Even better. Yesterday I cycled into the hospital and back!

Hal and Ginny said...

You are a classy guy, and glad to hear everything you have to offer. We need you.