Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cataloguing films

I am still cataloguing my movies on DVD and VHS. I now have about 900, including 90 children's films (mostly on VHS).

The directors who now mostly feature are Alfred Hitchcock with 19, David Lean with 14, Steven Spielberg, Billy Wilder and Peter Weir, each with 10, Clint Eastwood and Ingmar Bergman with 8 each, the Coen brothers and Douglas Sirk with 7 and on 6 come James Ivory, John Huston, Martin Scorsese, Michael Powell and Stephen Frears.

As far as male actors are concerned, Humphrey Bogart leads with 18, Anthony Hopkins is next with 14, then Clive Owen with 12 and John Mills with 9. Then tied with 8 films each are Al Pacino, Alec Guinness, Daniel Day Lewis, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Tom Cruise, William Holden and Alan Rickman.

For Female actors the order is Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench with 10, Helen Mirren and Nicole Kidman with 9, Ingrid Bergman, Kate Winslett, Julia Roberts and Diane Keaton with 8 and Helena Bonham-Carter and Meryl Streep with 7.

I'm not sure what this says about me. I suppose it says I like old war films (John Mills) and I tend to collect everything by certain directors; that I like Film Noir and good actors. Perhaps someone could suggest from these lists which films you think I don't have in my collection and those I ought to have.

Incidentally, I still haven't watched more than 200 of the films.


Irv Noble said...

I would strongly suggest that you transfer your VHS films to DVD's. The deterioration of the tape over the years is bad. A VHS tape only has a life span of about 20 years.
I recently purchased a JVC DR-MV79B machine for about $290. CAN. and transfered all my old VHS videos to DVD's. Easy to do.
Irv Noble
Toronto, Canada

Terry Hamblin said...

I am in the process of doing so on a Samsung machine, but some VHS tapes have a protection code that prevants copying. So far I have coppied over 50 tapes.