Monday, December 01, 2008

Carol Complete

Finally the carol is completed. The tune is O Holy Night.

Still was the night, the silent world was waiting
The time was right and the place was prepared.
Still in its sin and full of hurt and hating
The world was weak, but a rescue was dared.
God sent His Son, a baby frail and humble
In peril’s place, to suffer in our stead.
Oh! Child of hope; we tremble lest he stumble
In dangerous days. Oh! Child, in manger bed,
You hold our hope; Oh! Hope, hope of the world.

Men from the East, a Jewish king pursuing;
Menace increased as King Herod was roused.
Warned in a dream, his vicious plans undoing,
They would not tell where the baby was housed.
In frenzied rage the king began the killing;
The blood of every baby boy was shed.
Oh! Child of hope, in prophesy fulfilling,
To Egypt has fled; Oh! Child, in borrowed bed,
You hold our hope; Oh! Hope, hope of the world.

Still was the night, the garden finds him praying;
The moon was bright, but his friends fell asleep.
Will he escape, his Father disobeying?
His will is firm, the appointment he’ll keep.
Let Satan spit his venom vile and stinging,
Let torture split his body on the tree,
Oh! Child of hope, salvation he is bringing,
He crushes sin’s head; Oh! Child, in victory,
You hold our hope; Oh! Hope, hope of the world.


joyful said...

Beautifully stated.

Pat said...

Just beautiful......thanks for sharing.

Dissenter said...

Thanks Terry. I have posted this carol on my blog, hope that's OK.

I may even try singing it. I hope you will forgive this.