Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas poem 2

I was asked to write a fourth verse to the Christmas poem, so here it is:

I came to you at Christmas but not just for Christmas Day.
All through the year I’ll hunt you and I will not go away.
Though you think you do not need me, that your staying power’s too strong,
The calamities that crush you will be bound to prove you wrong.
If you think you’re irredeemable; you’ve long since burnt your boats;
The die was cast when years ago you sowed your wild oats,
Oh! Hesitate to think so for I’ve rescued worse than you,
My blood can make the foulest clean; I offer life anew.
I came to you at Calvary; to you and all mankind,
To give you peace from God above; none need be left behind.
Don’t let the world distract you, don’t hanker after things,
However they attract you, they always come with strings.
My Christmas present for you is superb beyond compare;
On that Resurrection Morning won’t you meet me in the air?

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