Saturday, December 15, 2007

2nd anniversary

Today I start my third year as a blogger. I have posted 470 items in the past two years. Of these 141 have been about health matters, mainly about CLL but also about how to provide a decent health service for all. Sixty have been about religion - one of the subjects I promised to blog about. I had also promised to blog about cricket, but such comments are scarce; only 19 on the whole of sport. What about poetry? Well there are 25 blogs about poetry.

Politics, another of my favored topics does well with 70 articles. Literature does less well with 29, but I hadn't anticipated that I would write so much about film, which I have done 31 times. Music fared less well - only four articles.

Oh, and there were eleven jokes.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for two + years of interesting and helpful posts. You've provided extremely valuable information for CLL patients.