Saturday, October 27, 2007

Global warming

Despite the Nobel Prize, the global warming debate continues. David Bellamy, who was always on TV until he was outed as a global warming heretic had an impassioned piece in the Times last week.

Scientists are supposed to understand these things, but the truth is that unless you actually work in the field you are no better than an enthusiastic amateur. However, meteorologists do get somethings right. On Thursday night the weather forecasters produced a map for Friday which showed rain spreading in from North-West Scotland and the rest of Britain covered in cloud. Then about 12 o'clock a small triangle of sunshine breaking out over the area between the Purbeck hills and the Solent. Taking them at their word, Diane and I transported ourselves to Bournemouth beach where at ten-past twelve the sun came out and we spent a happy hour strolling in the sunshine on a deserted beach.


Anonymous said...

Global warming is a religion. It presupposes that we have special insight into the workings of nature.

The earth is coming out of the abnormally cool period of the last ice age. The earth's current temperature is BELOW normal for the planet's history.

So, we are getting back to normal.

The fanatics believe that this natural trend is caused by them!


The long-term trends of climate are far beyond our ability to affect them.

Terry Hamblin said...

No other comments? I think we are going through a period when it is a bit warmer. I suspect that the idea that we are responsible for it is a little bit of human arrogance.