Thursday, August 09, 2007

Goodbye Barclays

I have decided to change my bank. After 45 years with Barclays they have riled me too much. 13 days after I wrote to them asking them to transfer some money to a missionary, they had still not complied. The telephone banking that they had me pay £10 a month for could not help - apparently they have changed the rules of engagement and not told me about them. The head office 200 miles away cannot be contacted by telephone. I apparently have a personal banker who has never contacted me, but he would not be able to do anything for me either. Despite my having banked with them for so long, and been a source of much profit for them they could not put themselves out to retain my custom.

I have moved to the Halifax. They have an interest bearing current account, a savings account that pays 2% more than Barclays £800 worth of 'goodies' in card protection, break down, mobile phone and travel insurance as well as £100 simply for changing. So goodbye Barclays and good riddance.


Jenny Lou said...

Good for you Terry. My Father was CEO of a bank in Texas and he always told me that banks worked for me, not the other way around. Don't let them nickel and dime you to death. Without their depositor's, they wouldn't be around. Fight any and all charges and if not satisfied, find a bank that will work with you. Way to go, Dr.

Anonymous said...

We have the same problem here. The banks grow
so large that people become unimportant to them.
Even "private banking" is no good.
I miss the days of going to your local branch, being greeted by the staff and talking about bank issues and how the families are! I think the internet has help make that a memory.