Thursday, April 26, 2007

Don't fence me in.

This picture is of a fence designed to keep out illegal immigrants.

We don't like fences do we? At least Javier Solana doesn't like fences.

"A wall that separates one country from another is not something that I like or that the European Union members like," Solana said at a news conference in Mexico City. "We don't think walls are reasonable instruments to stop people from crossing into a country."

The EU believes immigrants should be treated "like people, not like criminals," he said.

The EU doesn't like fences especially when they keep Mexicans out of the USA or Palestinians out of Israel. This fence is a good 10 feet high with razor wire and is at a place called Ceuta. Where is Cueta? It is in North Africa. This is what Wikipedia says about it

The Ceuta border fence is a separation barrier between Morocco and the Autonomous City of Ceuta, in Spain. Constructed by Spain, its stated purpose is to stop illegal immigration and smuggling.

Construction of the €30-million razor wire barrier was financed by the European Union. It consists of parallel 3-metre (10-foot) fences topped with barbed wire, with regular watchposts and a road running between them to accommodate police patrols or ambulance service in case of need. Underground cables connect spotlights, noise and movement sensors, and video cameras to a central control booth.

Morocco has objected to the construction of the barrier since it does not recognize Spanish sovereignty in Ceuta.

Who was it who paid for the fence?

The European Union.

Who does Mr Solano work for?

The European Union.

Who is it that doesn't like fences?

The European Union.

There used to be a saying in my youth, "Strong fences make good neighbors."


Andy said...

I spent a day in Ceuta once. I drove up from Rabat in Morocco, through the rif and into "Spain"

The difference between the Moroccan side and the Spanish side of the border is amazing.

No wonder that Africans are desperate to get into Europe.

I wonder how many Bidonvilles there are in Spain. I know of at least one!

Anonymous said...

It appears that Sr. Solano is in violation of the Monroe Doctrine since he is a European going to the Americas to effect political change.