Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup

Good to see Australia beating Japan in the World Cup. I am glad that Tim Cahill scored a couple; he has been playing very well for Everton. No disgrace for the USA to be beaten by the Czech Republic, probably the best team in Europe; Eddie Johnson was the best American player. The biggest surprise so far has been Trinidad holding Sweden to a 0-0 draw.

England looked very good in the first half against Paraguay, but tailed off in the second when the 80 degree heat got to them. Hot weather doesn't suit the English style which relies on high energy, closing down the man on the ball amd much running off the ball. This is all much easier to do in a cold climate. England's only success in 1966 was played in England. Playing the game in June doesn't really suit the British players. In fact about the only venue that would really provide the weather they prefer would be New Zealand, preferably South Island. Pategonia would probably suit. Still, I'd like to see these South American Fancy Dans on a November evening in Newcastle. In two pairs of leggings and woolly gloves their delicate touches would be ever so slightly less likely to come off. They's be also put off by the Newcastle supporters who prefer to go bare chested throughout the winter.


Anonymous said...

Soccer was on the tube all weekend.

Great for a lo-o-o-g snooze. I find absolutely no appeal there.

On the other hand, the NCAA track and field championship was on TV on Saturday, and that was fun to watch.

God must favor America because we aren't constantly subject to soccer, the most boring game in the world.

I'd rather watch paint dry; at least there is something going on!

Whoopee! A zero-zero tie!

Sorry rest of the world, but you just must have no life if you spend more than one second of your life watching or thinking about soccer.

Steve Madden said...

20 billion people would not agree, that is the expected cumulative total for the world cup TV audience.

10,000 people were celebrating on the streets of Melbourne at 1 AM. When Australia one its first ever world cup final game.

Don't most of the England team play in Spain :)

Terry Hamblin said...

Only Lord Beckham.