Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Precious people

A precious people, dearly loved,
Chosen by God for holiness;
May Christ’s compassion clothe our hearts
And fill our lives with gentleness.
Ah, Christ, who splendour cast aside,
Puncture our pompous vanity!
Give us to face our daily tasks
With patience and humility.

How hard we find it to forgive!
We nurse our wounds in secret store.
We cling to grievances long past
And cultivate our bitter core;
Yet Jesus died to rescue us
While we were drowning in our woes.
Forgiven, how can we withhold
A like forgiveness for our foes.

The world has known no greater love
Than that my saviour gives to me,
That other virtue supersedes
And lasts throughout eternity.
The Golden chain that binds his church
And captures sinners perfectly
That links our lives in gratitude
And holds our hearts in harmony,


John Wagner said...

Wow! Beautiful. Thank you for that!

Diane Ferguson said...

I will give you credit when I share this praise/poem with others.

Terry Hamblin said...

I wrote it to be sung as a hymn - lots of tunes will fit it.

Deb said...

Please continue to share your gifts. This really spoke to me.

Stacie Marlin said...

God has truly blessed you with wisdom of Him and His Word as well as the wonderful gift of CLL knowledge that you give to CLL patients around the world.Through Him alone am I sustained through this battle. Dr. Hamblin, you are an inspiration and witness of God's love for each of us. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Blessings!

Betty in NM said...

Terry, I have been singing your hymn to the tune of the doxology because that is the one that popped into my mind the first time I read it. But the doxology is a four phrase hymn and your poem is written in groups of eight phrases. Do you have a "favorite" hymn in mind to fit your lyrics? Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog with the world!
Betty in NM

Terry Hamblin said...

The tune I sing it to is "Before the throne of God above" - but the new tune where the last line is repeated.