Sunday, December 18, 2005

One week to Christmas

One week to Christmas. Still no snow. It was very cold this morning, frost on the ground, ice on the windows, but by this evening it is muggy and damp again.

Carols this morning in church. New carols. Graham Kendrick carols. I am working my way through my 29 CDs of Christmas songs and carols. From "A lonely pup in a Christmas shop" to Poulenc and Britten. I love them all. My favorites? O Holy Night. Driving home for Christmas. Hark the Herald Angels Sing. The Pogues.

I think it was "Home Alone" that started the extravagent house decoration in the UK. It is a pleasure to drive around the streets at night trying to find the house decorated in the most extreme bad taste. I don't look down on them. They give me joy. I rejoice in the exuberance of it all.


Kurt Grayson said...

Happy Holiday's Terry, Things are much the same here in Sacramento California. The main difference being that we are not expecting snow nor frost nor freeze of any kind. It is raining and has been for several days and just looking at my weather forcast it says rain is coming for the next 5 days as well. The rain is welcome to many as it has been a dry year. It has also been a strange year and a good year and finally a very exciting year all rolled into one for me.

As you know I am especially glad to see this new holiday season roll around this year because with my new found health I am looking forward to a very exciting new year. This enjoyment and anticipation is always my choice, my quest, my warm and fuzzy indulgence in one of the true delights of life as we all know it in the world today, Christmas the holidays! But this year, with health and feeling normal added makes it all super fantistic.

It is no secret to those who know me that my joy this year is in realizing my wonderful reaction and seeming return to normal health and energy due to my recent protocol of the combination of Chlorambucil and Rituxan. I enjoyed a wonderful 3 year remission when I first took this combination in 2002 when it was not known at all as a treatment in combination anywhere and there was no where to look for any experience or advice. So I just took it as I thought 'of all the options of treatment', it would work best, of course with my local doctors agreement and help. Also of course, everyone thought I was nuts, CLL doctors, researchers and mostly everyone involved with CLL. But it worked and I had a wonderful three year remission.

Then when I relapsed this year as you know I decided to take the very same mild combination again, although done differently this time in application and procedure. If it worked once, why wouldn't it work again? What was the risk for taking it again? There was never any question in my mind the first time I devised it and took it in 2002 that it was the safest combination to take. This second time, in my opinion, it seemed to be even less of a risk. So I checked with several experts, you included and I gathered my information and fine honed my applications and procedures, (sorry for all the e-mails) and I tried it again.

And, It is working again for me, only this time it is working even better than before. So as we discussed last month I have decided to take the same combined treatment over again for the third time exactly as I took it 2 months ago. The reasoning being "If it is working so well with me, lets go ahead and see if it will do even more good with a longer protocol. I will be finished with this third protocol schedule in 6 to 8 weeks. My infamous holiday season in protocol treatment, one I shall never forget and will be a good memory!

As you know I started out with large tumors in my liver and my spleen in October and very large Lymph nodes and they have all but disappeared. Mainly I feel fantastic, almost normal and if I don't feel normal it's simply because I need to hit my exercise again hard and with gusto to bring some gusto back into my life.

Being part of anything that is winning and succeeding is a joy, a great mental experience of health and physical well being and is exactly the thing that is mostly taken away when we are sick. So you can see how I am on a quest now to enjoy this wonderful reaction my body is having to the combination of two simple and mild drugs 'Rituxan and Chlorambucil that in combination are highly potent, at least for me.

So I am enjoying this Christmas season with my friends and family and am fulfilling promises to myself not to waste a moment of these precious good healthful feelings and indeed I am relishing all those little Xmas songs and the absolute joy of children and old people and animals and music and decorations and lights and the warmth of friends and family and great food. What could be finer!

Thanks again Terry for the wisdom of your experience and the generosity of your knowledge and understanding in discussing my treatment protocol with me.

Sincerely Yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's to you and your family!

Kurt Grayson
Sacramento California.

Beth McKinsey said...

Dr. Dr. Hamblin,

It is true joy to me that you relish beautiful Christmas carols, as Christ is behind the Christmas. Not only do we have a doctor specialist listening to us, but he know the real meaning of life.

Thank you Dr. Hamblin!
Merry Christmas and may you enjoy a 2006 filled with many, many blessings!
Beth McKinsey

Beth McKinsey said...

Dear Dr. Hamblin,

I truly appreciate that you relish Christmas Carols and what the holidays (meaning holy days) bring to all of us! I appreciate the time you spend on our CLL website, and I appreciate that you respect maker! That makes me appreciate you even more.

Best wishes and many blessings for a great Christmas season, and a wonderful 2006.

Beth McKinsey

MaryAlice Denson said...

This is the second mention of the Pogues. I guess I have to find a copy of some of their work for my husband the DJ. He does a volunteer show on our community radio station in the wilds of northern North California, is a great lover of blues and gospel, rock 'n' roll and R and B. He has a hard time finding good Christmas music in his collection of 3-4,000 or so CDs, LPs, tapes. So Pogues it is.

Lovely Christmas this year, even though my grandson is now 19; he is a delight, has a wonderful sense of humor, and loves jokes. I wrapped his Christmas Eve present (a custom in our family) about 11 times over before the actual present which was a pop-up book of nightmares. We laughed so hard it really really hurt.

Lots of love and joy

MaryAlice Denson
Humboldt County, California